Soaring Spirit (100ml-Professional Size)

$ 1,088.00

Soaring Spirit - 100ml. Professional size (100% medicinal essential oils formula) Inspirational Aid, major anti-depressant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-stress, assist PMS, bereavement, skin concerns (regenerative), and anxiety. Soaring Spirit will have you lying on a boulder pondering your next excellent move in this universe! Inspirational, Mother Nature's Muse! Lovely used as a daily tonic or personal perfume. Neroli is one of the ingredients. The heart, forehead, and shoulders are beautiful applications. "Specially made to order" comes in a 100ml amber bottle with an orifice reducer. Please allow a few extra days (excluding weekends) to make each order, process, and ship out. The professional size is a Special Order with no refunds, exchanges, or returns. Please order consciously and carefully. Thank you