Happy Head, 100ml-Professional Size

$ 282.00

Happy Head 100ml Professional size; 100% medicinal essential oils formula - organic and biodynamic sources. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and relaxant; assists migraine, headache, allergy, mental clarity, respiratory and muscle tension. Application (apply drops to) crown chakra, back of the neck, area of concern, spinal column, forehead and temples with care taken to avoid eyes and mucous membranes. Also, place a drop under the headrest of the massage table during a massage to help keep the sinus clear while face down on the massage table. (Special made to order) comes in a 100ml amber bottle with orifice reducer. Please allow 2 extra days (not to include weekend), to make each order, process and ship out. The professional size is considered a special order, absolutely no refunds, exchanges or returns, please order consciously and carefully. Thank you