Goddess Bliss, 100ml-Professional Size

$ 308.00

Goddess Bliss formula - 100ml. Professional size 100% medicinal essential oils formula. Goddess Bliss assist in balancing the hormonal system, geared toward the Goddess; Female hormonal Balance: glandular harmony, pain relief, anti-stress, relaxant, water retention, aphrodisiac, anti-oxidant, uplifting, muscle cramps, CNS, regulate sexuality/reproduction; hot-flashes, menopause, Peri-menopausal symptoms, regulating moon cycle. The perfect Goddess formula! Application methods: endocrine system (chakra's), major conductors such as pituitary (third eye), thyroid (throat), and abdomen. The olfactory level is beautiful, happy and relaxing. (Special made to order) comes in a 100ml amber bottle with orifice reducer. Please allow 2 extra days (not to include weekend), to make each order, process and ship out. The professional size is considered a special order, absolutely no refunds, exchanges or returns, please order consciously and carefully. Thank you