Pinyon Pine infused Himalayan Bath Salts (13.5oz, pouch bag)

$ 22.50

Southwest Botanical Spa Series . . . Pinyon Pine infused Himalayan Bath Salts "Detoxifying" . . . This BATH SOAK duo is a naturally RICH source of minerals, healing and regenerative to the body's systems; assists in stimulating circulation, soothing for sore muscles, immune system tonic, toxin elimination and mood elevator. Ingredients: Wild-crafted Pinyon pine, All natural, organic standards and kosher certified Himalayan salt, organic coconut oil and sodium borate (natural mineral). 13.5 oz. size - stand up pouch bag, resealable . . . . Cosmic Essential oils products are always organic, wild, or bio-dynamically grown; bringing you exceptional quality, consciously grown or cultivated natural ingredients with integrity and love. You may be wondering, "How can I enhance this bath experience" Idea's are: extra addition of 1 cup of goat milk or coconut milk, candles tub-side, making sure you have your phone off and time for relaxation is key and relaxing music set to the perfect volume ♥ Enjoy (2-3 oz are recommended per spa tub)

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