Wisdom of the Earth Reference Guide (New 2015 revision)

$ 25.00

Updated version 2015 June . . .This 103 page, in binder format, Book & Reference Guide written by Barry Kapp provides a wealth of information about WOTE'S 262 pure single essences, including botanical name, plant part processed, and suggested physical, emotional and spiritual uses. This edited & updated sharing provides information on every single pure essence WOTE has ever carried whether in stock or not. The binder format provides easy access to frequent reviewing that you will come back to over & over again. This updated & edited offering provides numerous suggestions for helping, facilitating & aiding the immune system to heal. Truly the immune system is the ONLY true healer of the physical body. The glossary provides information on the medical/scientific terms used in the Catalog, and the label legend describes the meaning of the information provided on each bottle.