Peppermint (US) 15 ml

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Latin name/Mentha piperita - Family/Lamiaceae Plant Part: Flowering tops and stems Source and Origin: Pure and Natural, Bio-Dynamic grown - USA Bruises, ringworm, muscular aches and pains, respiratory disorder, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, (cooling effect - feverish conditions), colds and flu, headache, mental fatigue, migraine. Peppermint is an anti-inflammatory aiding sprains, strains and swellings. Aids eye problems originating from the liver as peppermint is a stimulating liver tonic. Use for alertness and concentration. Not for children under three years of age.
Helichrysum Italicum Hydrolat, 120 ml
Helichrysum Italicum Hydrolat, 120 ml
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Heaven sent! Love the helichrysum hydrosol Robin suggested f...