Peppermint & Rosemary Himalayan B-Salts (13.5oz, pouch bag)

$ 18.00

This INVIGORATING Bath Soak trio is a naturally RICH source of minerals, healing and regenerative to the body's systems; assists in stimulating circulation and use for all types of exhaustion, soothing for sore muscles and toxin elimination. Headache, mental clarity, chronic fatigue and respiratory system aid. Ingredients: bio-dynamically grown peppermint and rosemary, all natural, organic standards and kosher certified Himalayan salt, organic coconut oil and sodium borate (natural mineral). 13.5 oz. size - stand up pouch bag, resealable . . . . Cosmic Essential oils products are always organic, wild, or bio-dynamically grown; bringing you exceptional quality, consciously grown or cultivated natural ingredients with integrity and love. This bath salt is wonderful during the long and hot summers for chilling out! And always perfect for opening up the breathing passages! ♥ Enjoy (2-3 oz are recommended per spa tub)