Basil (Sweet) 15 ml

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Latin Name/Ocimum basilicum - Family/Lamiaceae Plant Part: Leaves and Flowering Tops Source and Origin: Pure and Natural, Wild - N. India Muscular aches and pains, respiratory disorders, scanty menstruation, colds and flu, stimulates mental activity, headaches, anxiety, depression. Basil has a stimulating effect on the skin, and is useful for sluggish and congested skin conditions in moderation. Perhaps not as strong a remedy on the physical level; basil acts more on the mind and the emotions. A proven insect repellent, particularly of mosquitoes, and has also been used for the bites of insects, snakes, and scorpions. Assist the emotional body (Introspection Guide), heart rhythm disturbances. Case history, “works on poison oak”. [Poison ivy or oak can be cleared up in 24 hours by using powdered vitamin C mixed with water to form a paste and applied to the skin, in conjunction with oral doses of vitamin C. It is better to take smaller doses of vitamin C throughout the day instead of a single large dose, as the body can only absorb a certain amount at a time. 250 - milligrams, six times a day is a recommended amount.]